Thank you for visiting mooizeg, which is Dutch for 'hey..., nice!' I'm Jeannet Leendertse, and Dutch is my native language. As a child, I loved to craft with fabric, using my grandmother’s hand-crank sewing machine. I studied graphic design in the Netherlands and at 27 went to New York in search of an internship. After completing my degree cum laude, I moved to the Boston area and became an award-winning book designer. Still, I could not quite forget about fabric, and this is how my typographic in-a-word scarves came about. They are pigment printed in my studio on Habotai silk and then carefully hemmed to maintain the flow of the material.

The ammonite cowl collection has grown out of my interest in repetitive lines, which can be created through pleating. The cowl shape is inspired by the the seashells of the Northern Atlantic. I felt, dye, and pleat my ammonite cowls one at a time, using the ancient Japanese technique of arashi shibori. Ammonite cowls are made with locally sourced alpaca, from Borgstein Alpaca Farm. This family alpaca farm is run by Karen Borgstein, who also happens to be Dutch! Click on this link to read about our Double Dutch venture.

Alaria scarves are hand-stitched with about 5000 stitches each. After the stitches are pulled tight, the fiber is de-gummed. The stitches are tightened a second time, and the softened silk is dyed. After removal of the stitches, a wearable emerges, reminiscent  of "Alaria Esculenta" or Winged Kelp.

Mooizeg accessories have been featured in the Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts gift collection, and can be found at the Society of Arts and Crafts, Artful Home, and a variety of small boutiques in New England. They were also selected for the Shop at TextielMuseum in the Netherlands.

In 2016 the ammonite cowl was selected for the Fiber Art Now Excellence in Fibers exhibition and the Winter issue cover of the magazine.

In 2017 the alaria scarf was selected as well for the Fiber Art Now Excellence in Fibers exhibition, and will be on display at the San Jose, CA, Museum of Quilts and Textiles in 2018.

Thank you for visiting!